Dave Walker

Born in rural Alabama during the Great Depression, early in life Dave learned the value of good bird dogs. In 1952 he joined the U.S. Navy and saw active duty during the Korean conflict. He spent most of the first half of his naval career aboard ships; the last half he was a recruiter and an instructor for the U.S. Naval Reserve. During these years, he began professionally training dogs on a part-time basis. When he retired from the U.S. Navy in 1973, he secured a VA loan, built a dog kennel, and began training dogs.
Through the years Dave has trained hundreds of dogs and helped countless dog owners and handlers become better dog people. As the old saying goes, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating," and Dave's method has proven its worth. The dogs he's trained and helped others train are what he calls good citizens - well-trained dogs. They do what they're supposed to do - hunting or field trialing - and are a joy to their owners. He has always shared his knowledge and expertise with anyone who asks for help.
A few years ago friends and fellow dog lovers prevailed upon Dave to begin giving training seminars. He has conducted seminars in Idaho, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and in several provinces of Canada. People attending these seminars asked him if he would develop some videos so they could have them to review the material covered in the seminars. In response to their requests, he developed the following series of videos:

Puppies Started Right
Using the Electric Collar
The Field Trial Dog
Correcting Problem Dogs
The Finished Dog,
Meat on the Table
The Dual Dog
Teaching Your Horse to Ground Tie

Dog trainers and dog owners continue to call Dave to thank him for doing the tapes and DVDs and to tell him how useful they are in training dogs and correcting behavior problems. Through the years, people have repeatedly asked Dave when he was going to write a book, and his reply has always been that he would write a book when he had the time. Finally, in 2004 he decided he would just have to take the time to reduce his years of experience to some black marks on paper to share with dog owners, trainers, and handlers who need a complete and systematic explanation for training bird dogs for hunting and/or for field trialing.
When Dave and his wife Fay - who teaches obedience classes and shows dogs-are not on the field trial campaign road, they're at home in the beautiful rolling hills of southwest Idaho where they help dogs become better bird dogs and dog owners become better handlers. Walker's Plantation is never without guests - dogs to be trained and people to be taught.