Dog clubs in the United States and Canada often ask professional dog trainer Dave Walker to give seminars in their area because Dave's been successfully training dogs for over 30 years. People who attend these seminars come to appreciate Dave's proven, down-to-earth method of dog training. In his seminars, Dave discusses and demonstrates his simple, effective, humane training methods. His techniques produce outstanding hunting companions and field trial dogs.

Demonstrations and discussions include

  • training aids, including training collar, check-cord, and the technique of teaching the feel of the electronic collar.
  • picking a pup.
  • obedience.
  • basic commands.
  • care and maintenance.
  • starting and finishing dogs, including young dogs.

With Dave's help, participants will learn to work with their own dogs, utilizing the techniques he's discussing and demonstrating.

Beaver, Utah
May 9-11, 2013
$250 per person (Lunch included)
Register early to reserve your spot.
E-mail: Jared Moss
If your club would like to sponsor a seminar, e-mail or call for more information.
Phone: 208-278-5074